Statement on COVID-19


Statement on COVID-19 Coronavirus and Appointments

COVID-19 is a coronavirus that is new in its association to human illness. Because it is new, or novel, to human illness, many people will become infected and many of those infected will become sick. This virus is believed to be transmitted through the air via the respiratory route in people. Please read CDC’s recommendations regarding personal and family health( Intra and inter-species transmission of coronavirus between dogs and cats and people has not been recognized and is unknown. However, it is suggested that pets not interact with sick people (AVMA). 

In response to this pandemic, Glencroft Veterinary Hospital is instituting an option to our clients. When you contact the office, you will be offered an option to give all pertinent information to one of our hospital team members over the telephone and make an appointment to leave your pet at the office to be examined by the Veterinarian. The Veterinarian will examine, diagnose, and treat if routine (vaccines, infections, and the like) or someone from our hospital will call to discuss the veterinarian’s diagnostic recommendations and options, and related costs for your consideration and approval as you desire. This option allows minimal contact between people in a waiting area, thereby minimizing potential exposure to infection and illness from COVID-19 coronavirus.

Credit or debit cards will be required to utilize this option. As of now, you can make a routine appointment but we suspect that as things become more stressed, we will be required not to allow an accumulation of people in any given area.

Glencroft Veterinary Hospital has provided quality health care, recognizing your pet as a member of your family at this location for more than forty-five years. As such we have and continue to address health issues as they affect your entire family unit.

We will be developing other options for you as this epidemic evolves and welcome your input in this effort.

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